Americana Whey protein concentrates provide 80% protein, one of the most proteins concentrated in market.
Americana whey contains Protein from cows that have not been treated with rBGH hormones.
Americana whey is very low in sugar, cholesterol and sodium.
It is more beneficial to the human body than any other proteins, when it comes to supporting muscle growth, health and performances; Americana whey protein outperforms soy egg, beef and other sources of proteins.
Americana whey contains high levels of natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients the body needs to build muscle, recover from exercise, form blood vessels, support the immune system, regulate metabolism, maintain healthy hair and skin and much more
Whey Americana protein benefits:
Solubility over a wide PH range
Excellent emulsification properties
Gelatin and water-binding properties
Available with sunflower and no side effects such as upset stomach and bloating
Clear with little cloudiness
Low in fats and lactose
Compatible with all juices, milk and easily dissolvable
Manufactured at FDA and GMP certified facility
Manufactured and packed in U.S.A



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