Hormonal variations (childbirth, menopause...), seasonal, reactional (tiredness, stress...), or diet... our hair and our nails are signs of our lifestyle. Adapted to all the types of hair, NUTRICAP shampoo combines the nutritive benefits of wheat germ oil with a very soft cleaning base. 

Brilliant and light, the hair bounces with vitality.

Properties and principal active

Thanks to the vitamin E and to the fatty acids in wheat germ oil, Nutricap shampoo brings flexibility, volume and brightness to your hair, in particular after exposure to the sun.


Especially suitable for damaged hair or dryness-prone hair.

Utilisation Advise

Apply shampoo on wet hair, massage into the scalp. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Daily use will give you soft and shiny hair


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