- Manhae is a natural, safe and effective alternative with proven efficacy containing Endophospholipids ,borage oil and antioxidants.
- Helps to reduce the distressing symptoms of menopause:
• Hot  Flashes  

• Night Sweats

• Feeling of Tiredness

• Emotional Fragility  

• Disturbed  Sleep

• Skin Aging

• Heavy legs

- Free from synthetic and natural hormonal side effects .
- One capsule a day with main meal.
- For optimum efficacy, take manhae for a period of 4 months. Renew as often as necessary .
- Manhae can also be used :
• By women who still have their periods but are subject to vasomotor problems of the premenopause.
• In the event of contraindications to HRT or phytostrogens.



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