dologel oral massage gel formula has been developed using 3 plant extracts which are well known for their benefits :

               _ Camomilla flower extract (Anti-inflamatory)

               _ Valerian roots (Sedating and antispasmodic)

               _ Propolis (Analgesic and antibiotic)

dologel relieves rapidly the pain.

dologel is safe , natural , sugar free and alcohol free.

dologel is suitable for every one: infants , childrens , adults.


When to use :

               _ When baby is teething.

               _ Irritations or lesions coused by dental appliances.

               _ Lesions or Irritations resulting from certain foods.

How to use :

Wash your hands thoroughly and place a small quantity of gel on the tip of your finger. Rub it on the gums or other painful areas of the mouth . Repeat the application as often as necessary.


dologel has been tested under paediatric control and manufactured under pharmaceutical control.




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