About Us  

Arvin Arman g.r. is a pharmaceutical trading company was founded in 1982 by Managing Director M. Reza Saeedi.

The company remains one of the leading pharmaceutical trading companies in IRAN.

Outstanding customer service is the key to our success and we are currently enjoying significant growth in expanding worldwide import activities.
Arvin Arman g.r. has a dedicated team for presentation of various kinds of pharmaceutical products.

Protecting people’s health is a paramount importance for our company and this is ensured by the use of specialized in this field.
Arvin Arman g.r. has considerable expertise in the market development, 
full compliance with F.D.A/EU and other international guidelines as well as internal regulation.

Our company has an experienced team, who is responsible for registration pharmaceutical products in IRAN. 
Arvin Arman g.r. is well positioned to provide full support to manufacturer and producer of pharmaceutical products whom has a significant business relationship with our company.
Arvin Arman g.r. manages strong sales team who is responsible for service

all sectors of the pharmaceutical market for products.  We have a customer service team who is complementing the representatives activity with supportive telemarketing programs and regulatory management to ensure each customer receives comprehensive support and service.
Arvin Arman g.r. activities are based on a successful partnership with other pharmaceutical companies worldwide. These companies of variable size and different strategies find Arvin Arman g.r. as their exclusive representative on the Iranian territory.


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medicine (Finished/ Raw Material )
  • Supplement
  • Health Care – Cosmetics
  • Medical Products
Tel: (+9821) 22877678,22865722,22877801,22853913,22877681
Fax: (+9821) 22877873
Email: info@arvinarman.com

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